Tables for identification of Kansas minerals

The tables linked below may be useful in identifying Kansas minerals. These tables should be used only for Kansas minerals; they may be inaccurate or misleading with regard to non-Kansas minerals. To identify minerals from outside Kansas, please consult published tables, such as those in Dana's Manual of Mineralogy.

Before attempting to identify minerals, the beginning collector should collect the following materials:

  1. a small bottle of dilute hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, which can be obtained in any drugstore;
  2. a piece of unglazed porcelain, such as a small tile, for streak tests;
  3. an inexpensive steel pocket knife;
  4. a piece of ordinary window glass;
  5. a chunk of quartz; and
  6. a candle and small pocket magnifier (optional).

Click here to view the Mineral ID Table, from Kansas Rocks and Minerals (KGS Educational Series 2).

Source: Kansas Rocks and Minerals, L. L. Tolsted and A. Swinford, revised and reprinted 1986, Kansas Geological Survey, Educational Series 2, 64 p.

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