color photo of galena sample

Hardness: 2.5

Galena is lead sulfide (PbS), the principal mineral of lead ore. It occurs as metallic to lead-gray, cube-shaped crystals that break into cubic, right-angled fragments. Some galena crystals are very large. Galena is heavy, has a metallic luster on fresh surfaces, has a gray-black streak, and is so soft that it will mark on paper. Galena was once mined in the Tri-State mining district, formerly one of the most important lead- and zinc-producing areas in the world.

small drawing of Kansas map with Cherokee County highlighted in red

The sample pictured above is from Cherokee County, Kansas


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Unless noted otherwise, illustrations by Jennifer Sims, Kansas Geological Survey; photographs by John Charlton, Kansas Geological Survey; text by Liz Brosius, Kansas Geological Survey.

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