Policy Statement

Policy statement to broaden the base of energy research conducted through the Energy Research Center (ERC) at the University of Kansas

The Energy Research Center was established in 1991 to promote and faciliate energy research at KU. The primary goal is to develop enhanced energy research programs serving state, regional, and national energy needs. The ERC has participated in a number of successful collaborative research and technology transfer programs in petroleum production at KU. These programs continue to grow and have led to nearly $8 million in grants/contracts awarded through the ERC in the past six years.

The ERC desires to enhance ongoing projects and to extend its affiliation to other energy-related programs on campus that encompass energy supply, both conventional and renewable, and energy consumption including efficiency and conservation and basic energy science. We envision new opportunities to stimulate, strengthen and promote programs, facilitate collaboration among researchers and departments, and provide a visible link of energy programs across campus.

A key opportunity to stimulate new energy research is through use of the returned overhead to ERC as "seed funds." All energy-related projects are encouraged to consider submission of proposals through the ERC. Returned overhead will be used to generate and maintain the fund. An eleven-person ERC campus advisory board will oversee the use of the "seed funds."

The returned overhead from funded grants submitted through the ERC originates from an agreement with the Center for Research, Inc. (CRINC). Fifteen percent of the overhead is returned to ERC, if the project pays full overhead. The standard overhead is returned to the department and PI as before. Total overhead rates remain the same as negotiated campus values.

Submission of a proposal through the ERC and CRINC results in the grant being administered by CRINC. This arrangement has additional benefits including assistance in preparing the budget and streamlining purchases.

Proposals submitted through ERC should include the following on the signed cover sheet:

  1. a statement, "Submitted through the KU Energy Research Center and the Center for Research, Inc."
  2. a signature line for President, University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.


June 2002
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