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Hodgeman County Study, Table 2

Table 2. Size, proportion, and means for the partition into five clusters

Group sizeProportionAttributeMean
230.10Upper "J" cum. ss90.4
  Lower "J" cum. ss92.8
  Kiowa cum. ss102.9
  Cheyenne cum. ss83.4
260.11Upper "J" cum. ss22.3
  Lower "J" cum. ss28.1
  Kiowa cum. ss29.0
  Cheyenne cum. ss141.6
360.16Upper "J" cum. ss70.2
  Lower "J" cum. ss65.0
  Kiowa cum. ss23.6
  Cheyenne cum. ss55.0
650.28Upper "J" cum. ss17.6
  Lower "J" cum. ss69.6
  Kiowa cum. ss9.4
  Cheyenne cum. ss43.0
810.35Upper "J" cum. ss12.0
  Lower "J" cum. ss12.3
  Kiowa cum. ss7.5
  Cheyenne cum. ss35.6

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