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Schaben Field

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PfEFFER Petrophysical Analysis
PfEFFER is a cost-effective and practical tool for real-time, interactive log analysis available from the Kansas Geological Survey. Spreadsheet database and graphic features allow both rapid interaction and comparative evaluation of multiple interpretations or best case/worst case extremes. For more information on PfEFFER, see the PfEFFER Web Page.

Cost-Effective PC-based Reservoir Simulation and Management - The Schaben Field (Mississippian) Ness County, Kansas by Paul Gerlach, Saibal Bhattacharya, Tim Carr, Willard Guy, Scott Beaty and Evan Franseen.
For more information on how this simulation was performed, please see the online course Reservoir Simulation on a PC using US DOE BOAST 3 and Computer Mapping Packages presented by the KGS at the North Midcontinent PTTC web site.

Class 2 - Improved Oil Recovery in Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas - Near Term The Kansas Class 2 project is an effort to introduce Kansas producers to potentially useful technologies and to demonstrate these technologies in actual oil field operations.

Kansas Geological Survey, Digital Petroleum Atlas
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