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Appendix A: Selected Abstracts

Appendix B: Selected Email Feedback

Appendix B: Selected Email Comments for Users

Small Independent Producer/Consultant - I have been in awe over the usefulness and detailed information available on your Digital Petroleum Atlas Web page. As a result, I obtained a copy of the USGS CD-ROM study which was the source for the Anadarko Basin data since my main interest is in Oklahoma's petroleum geology.

I have been disappointed to find that the USGS data is in a format that I can only be viewed and not printed or saved to file (everything is controlled by a very rigid .exe file). I'm writing to you to ask if you can offer me any advice or hints on how to turn this CD-ROM data into a more useful package such as you have successfully done with your fantastic website?

Geologist with Small Independent Producer - I am working on developing an exploration program for our company in Kansas. In particular I want historical production information for the Arbuckle in Kansas. My primary goal is to develop a statistical analysis to determine the mean field size and a range of field size distribution. Ideally the data set will contain the following information: 1. cum oil/gas production 2. number of wells in field 3. areal extent of field (acres) 4. depth of production. The information on the Digital Petroleum Atlas was a big help.

Oil and Gas Consultant - Great Job! I wish all states had this data available.

Independent Oil and Gas Consultant in Denver, Colorado - I examined the new digital petroleum atlas (Stanton Co., KS) and I am very impressed. Congratulations on a great product. I am currently working for XXXX on a consulting job in KS and have found the info in the digital atlas to be of great help.

Small Independent Oil and Gas Producer in Wichita, Kansas - "I really like the direction you're taking with the Digital Petroleum Atlas. This is the kind of information I've been hoping for from KGS and PTTC. Can't wait for you to start on other counties (like Lane and Ness for example hint, hint). Keep up the great work."

Large Major Oil company - "This service is very useful and saves a great deal of time."

Larger Publicly Traded Independent Oil and Gas Company - "I looked at the electronic field study you put together. Very impressive."

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November 1999
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