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Basin: Anadarko
County: Meade and Seward counties

Kismet Field--General Info

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Summary of Field Data

Field Name: Kismet


Discovery Wells

Stanolind Oil & Gas Co., Claude C. Wheatley #1
C NE SW, 23-T33S-R31W, April 9, 1948,
Marm & LKC Oil and Gas and Miss Oil, 7340' RTD

Columbian Fuel, Rinehart #1
C NE SE, 10-T33S-R31W, Jan. 12, 1954,
Morrow Gas, 6041' RTD

Republic National Gas, Stoddard #1
SW SE, 14-T33S-R31W, Dec. 8, 1959
Morrow Oil, 5890' RTD

Field Size: 23,040 acres
Productive Wells: 39 oil, 22 gas
Abandoned Wells: 54

Cumulative Oil: 11,814,072 bbls as of 12/31/99
Cumulative Gas: 58,177,528 mcf as if 12/31/99

Current production data for Kismet

Summary of Field Data


Producing Formations:

Discovery Date:

Operator of Discover well:

Geologic Setting: Anadarko Basin
Surface Formation: Dune Sand and Loess
Discovery Method:
Trap Type: Structural

Reservoir Parameters (lithology, thickness):

Reservoir Geometry:

Oldest Horizon Penetrated: Arbuckle
Proven Productive Area: 4960
Approved Spacing: 40

Net Pay (max/ave):

Porosity (max/ave):

Permeability (max/ave):

Water Saturation (ave):

Initial Field Pressure (ave):


Drive Mechanism:

Produced Fluid Contacts:

Oil Analysis:

Gas Analysis:

Water Analysis:

EUR Primary:

EUR Secondary:

Logging Practice:

Drilling-Casing Practice:

Drilling Fluid Practice: Lease Water

Treatment Practice:

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