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Basin: Anadarko
County: Comanche County

Box Ranch Field--General Information

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Summary of Field Data

Field Name: Box Ranch
Location: Twp 34-35 S / Rge 20 W, Comanche, Kansas
Producing Formations:
Mississippian Meramecian
Ordovician Viola
Discovery Date:
Mississippian Meramecian, 04/14/88
Ordovician Viola, 04/14/88
Operator of Discovery Well:
Mississippian Meramecian, Roberts & Murphy
Ordovician Viola, Roberts & Murphy
Geological Setting: Anadarko Basin
Surface Formation:
Discovery Method: Accidental
Trap Type:
Mississippian Meramecian: Structural
Ordovician Viola: Structural
Reservoir Parameters (lithology, thickness):
Mississippian Chesteran, carbonate, 10 to 50 Ft.
Ordovician Viola, carbonate, 10 to 50 Ft.
Reservoir Geometry:
Mississippian Meramecian, cyclic peritidal-subtidal carbonate
Ordovician Viola, cyclic peritidal-subtidal carbonate
Oldest Horizon Penetrated: Ordovician Arbuckle
Proven Productive Area: 1,760 acres
Approved Spacing: 40 acres and/or Variable
Net Pay (max/ave):
Mississippian Meramecian, 50 Ft. / 25 Ft.
Ordovician Viola, 50 Ft. / 25 Ft.
Porosity (max/ave):
Mississippian Meramecian, 14% / 8%
Ordovician Viola, 22% / 14%
Permeability (max/ave):
Mississippian Meramecian, unknown
Ordovocian Viola, Unknown
Water Saturation (ave):
Mississippian Meramecian, 30%
Ordovician Viola, 30%
Initial Field Pressure (ave):
Mississippian Meramecian, 1915 psi
Ordovician Viola, 2475 psi
Mississippian Meramecian, 118 F
Ordovician Viola, 135 F
Drive Mechanism:
Mississippian Meramecian, gas expansion & poor water drive
Ordovician Viola, gas expansion and water drive
Produced Fluid Contacts:
Mississippian Meramecian, multiple
Ordovician Viola, (-4520) Subsea
Oil Analysis:
Mississippian Meramecian, Unknown
Ordovician Viola, Unknown
Gas Analysis:
Mississippian Meramecian, Unknown
Ordovician Viola, Unknown
Water Analysis:
Mississippian Meramecian, Unknown
Ordovician Viola, Unknown
EUR Primary:
Mississippian Meramecian, 30 MBO
Ordovician Viola, 1,250 MBO and 3.5 BCF
EUR Secondary:
Mississippian Meramecian, Unknown
Ordovician Viola, Unknown
Logging Practice:
Dual Induction, Compensated Neutron-Lithodensity, Compensated Sonic, SP, Gamma Ray, Caliper
Drilling-Casing Practice:
Surface Casing: 8.625 in set in 12.25 in. hole at 900 ft. with 250 sacks of Poz "C"
Production Casing: 5.5 in. set in 7.875 in. hole at RTD with 150 sacks of Poz "H"
Production Tubing: 2.875 in. landed 25 ft. off bottom
Drilling Fluid Practice:
Water based native gel to displacement point at 4200 ft.(Heebner Shale)
Chemical Gel to rotary total depth
Treatment Practice:
Mississippian Meramecian: acidize with 3000 to 12,000 gals. of 15% Fe HCL containing additives
Ordovician Viola: Natural
Published References: Use the KGS Online Bibliography
Kansas Geological Survey, Digital Petroleum Atlas
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Updated July 30, 1999
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