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Basin: Anadarko
County: Stanton County

Arroyo Field--General Information

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Summary of Field Data

Field Name:Arroyo
Location:Twp 29 S / Rge 41 W, Stanton County, Kansas
Producing Formations:
Lower Morrow (Keyes)
Mississippian (St. Louis)
Discovery Date:
April 12, 1990, Lower Morrow
June 23, 1992, Mississippian
Operator:J.M. Huber Corporation
Geological Setting: Hugoton Embayment of Anadarko Basin
Surface Formation: Quaternary Loess, Miocene Ogalla
Discovery Method: 2D Seismic Survey and Subsurface Geology
Trap Type: Combination, channel scour with subsequent anticlinal folding
Reservoir Parameters:
Lower Morrow, sandstone, 0 to 60 ft.
Mississippian, carbonate, 0 to 12 ft.
Reservoir Geometry:
Lower Morrow, upward coarsening shoreface deposits
Mississippian, subtidal nearshore ooolite shoal
Oldest Horizon Penetrated:Mississippian (Spergen)
Proven Productive Area:6,240 acres
Approved Spacing:Variable
Net Pay max/ave:
Lower Morrow, 60 ft. / 30 ft.
Mississippian, 12 ft. / 12 ft.
Porosity max/ave:
Lower Morrow, 20% / 14%
Mississippian, 18% / 14%
Permeability max/ave:
Lower Morrow, unknown
Mississippian, unknown
Water Saturation:unknown
Initial Field Pressure:
Lower Morrow, 1,434 psia, Dst Final Shut-in, Kendrick 14-1
Mississippian, 1,475 psia, Dst Final Shut-in, Fretz 16-1
Lower Morrow, 125 degrees F
Mississippian, 127 degrees F
Drive Mechanism:
Lower Morrow, Gas Expansion
Mississippian, Dissolved Gas and Water
Produced Fluid Contacts:
Lower Morrow, Gas/OIl: (Variable), Oil/Water: (Variable)
Mississippian, Oil/Water: (-2203)
Oil Analysis:unknown
Gas Analysis:unknown
Water Analysis:unknown
EUR Primary:unknown
EUR Secondary:unknown
Logging Practice:
Dual Induction - SFL, Spontaneous Potential, Gamma Ray
Compensated Neuton, LithoDensity
Long Spaced Sonic
Drilling-Casing Practice:
Conductor Casing: 20 in. set in 30 in. hole at 50 ft. with 4 cubic yards of Redi-Mix
Surface Casing: 8.625 in set in 12.25 in. hole at 1650 ft. with 550 sacks of Poz "C"
Production Casing: 5.5 in. set in 7.875 in. hole at 5800 ft. two-staged through DV tool with 1200 sacks of Poz "H"
Drilling Fluid Practice:
Water based gel to displacement point at 3600 ft.
Chemical Gel to rotary total depth
Treatment Practice:
Lower Morrow: acidize with 1500 gals. of 7.5% Fe HCL containing additives
Lower Morrow: fracture with 28,000 gals. of CO2 foam and 27,000 lbs. of 20/40 sand
Mississippian: acidize with 1500 gals. of 15% Fe HCL containing additives
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