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Kansas Geological Survey, Current Research in Earth Sciences, Bulletin 247, part 1
Modeling Dielectric-constant Values of Geologic Materials: An Aid to Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Collection and Interpretation--Fig. 1

fig. 1

Fig. 1. Four-dimensional representation (termed TP-model dielectric-constant space) of the TP-model input parameters (matrix mineralogy, porosity, and water saturation) and resulting bulk dielectric constant values (shown in color). The matrix mineralogy axis (Xm) is the dielectric-constant value of the matrix components at zero porosity and water saturation. The locations of quartz, mica, and calcite are indicated on the Xm axis. For most earth materials, porosity ranges from 0% to 50%, and water saturation ranges from 0% to 100%. Calculated bulk dielectric-constant values range from greater than 4 to less than 28. The N-Sw planes through Xm = 4.5 (quartz) and Xm = 8.5 (calcite) are shown in fig. 2.

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