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Kansas Geological Survey, Current Research in Earth Sciences, Bulletin 240, part 4
Chemical Analyses of Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian Coals from Southeastern Kansas--Table 1

Table 1. Location and identification of coal samples.

CountyLocationBedBed thickness
Sample type
D176058FranklinNW sec 30, T18S, R18EU. Williamsburg12Grab (5 in. thick)
D176055WilsonSW sec 21, T29S, R17EThayer10Channel (upper bed)
D176056WilsonSW sec 21, T29S, R17EThayer11Channel (upper bed)
D176057WilsonSW sec 21, T29S, R17EThayer5Channel (lower bed)
D189091BourbonSE sec 26, T26S, R25EMulky14Channel (lower bed)
D189704BourbonSE sec 26, T26S, R25EMulky14Channel (lower bed)
D189705BourbonSE sec 26, T26S, R25EMulky14Channel (lower bed)
D196196BourbonNW sec 28, T26S, R25EMulky14Channel (lower bed)
D196197BourbonNW sec 28, T26S, R25EMulky13Channel (lower bed)
D196198CrawfordSE sec 2, T31S, R22EBevier18Channel (lower bed)
D196199CrawfordSE sec 2, T31S, R22EBevier13Channel (lower bed)
D183114BourbonSW sec 25, T26S, R25ECroweburg14Channel (lower bed)
D183115CrawfordNE sec 16, T28S, R25ECroweburg14Channel (lower bed)
D176045CrawfordSW sec 5, T28S, R25ECroweburg12Channel (lower bed)
D176046CrawfordSW sec 5, T28S, R25ECroweburg13Channel (lower bed)
D176047CrawfordSW sec 5, T28S, R25ECroweburg11Channel (lower bed)
D183120CrawfordNE sec 16, T28S, R25ECroweburg--Tipple
D183112BourbonSW sec 25, T26S, R25EMineral16Channel
D183113BourbonSW sec 25, T26S, R25EMineral15Channel
D176048CrawfordNW sec 15, T28S, R25EMineral17Channel
D176049CrawfordNW sec 15, T28S, R25EMineral17Channel
D183116CrawfordNE sec 16, T28S, R25EMineral16Channel
D183119CrawfordNE sec 16, T28S, R25EMineral--Tipple
D180072CrawfordSE sec 10, T31S, R25EDry Wood12Channel
D180074CrawfordSW sec 11, T31S, R25EDry Wood12Channel
D183118Crawfordsec 10-11, T31S, R25EDry Wood--Tipple
D176050CrawfordNE sec 10, T31S, R25ERowe18Channel
D176051CrawfordNE sec 10, T31S, R25ERowe18Channel
D176052CrawfordNE sec 10, T31S, R25ERowe20Channel
D180069CrawfordSE sec 10, T31S, R25ERowe18Channel
D180071CrawfordSE sec 10, T31S, R25ERowe17Channel
D180073CrawfordSE sec 11, T31S, R25ERowe16Channel
D183117Crawfordsec 10-11, T31S, R25ERowe--Tipple
D189706CherokeeNW sec 18, T32S, R25ERowe12Channel
D176053CherokeeNW sec 20, T32S, R25EUnnamed14Channel
D176054CherokeeNW sec 20, T32S, R25EUnnamed14Channel

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