Field Trip 7

Maximum Southwestern Extent of "Kansan" Ice Sheet and Newly Discovered Older Till

Wakefield Dort, Jr., University of Kansas

Critical to understanding of pre-Illinoian glacial process and history in the Central Plains are exposures west of Topeka, Kansas. This one-day trip will summarize latest information in the area of farthest southwesterly advance of continental glaciers in North America. Early stops will establish the continuity of a Sioux Quartzite erratic-boulder line and slightly weathered till that was previously considered to mark the maximum advance of "Kansan" ice. Later stops will visit occurrences of a newly-found highly weathered till that underlies the bouldery unit and extends farther south. Fresh exposure faces will be created by bulldozer to foster examination and discussion.

Min.: 6; Max.: 48. Cost $35, includes transportation, guidebook.