Field Trip 4

The Weaubleau and Decaturville Impact Structures in West-Central Missouri: Sorting Out Their Ages Using Redeposited Conodonts and Crinoids in Breccias

James Miller, Missouri State University
Kevin Evans, Missouri State University

Drive to field area Friday evening and stay in motels in Clinton, MO. On Saturday, visit undisturbed Lower Ordovician and Mississippian deposits near Osceola and Humansville, megabreccias and marine resurge breccias associated with the Weaubleau Impact Structure, and fallback breccias associated with the Decaturville Impact Structure. Trip emphasizes conodonts and other fossils found in impact-related breccias and age of impacts. Trip returns to Kansas City and Lawrence late Saturday evening for Sunday departure.

Min.: 15; Max.: 30. Cost $95, includes transportation, 1 night lodging, 1 lunch, guidebook.